Speakers and Instructors

Dr Fabiana Carvalho

University of Sao Paulo - Brazil

Simo Kristidhi

Head Roaster at Solberg & Hansen

Joanna Alm

Part-owner and Managing Director at Drop Coffee

O.M. Miles

US Business Development Manager at IKAWA, Ltd.

Matthew Robley-Siemonsma

Flying Lumberyard

David Myers

Chief Coffee Officer at Mighty Good Coffee Roasting Co.

Filip Bartelak

Sensory Supervisor and Green Coffee buyer at Coffee Grange

Peter N. Dupont

CEO & Sourcing at The Coffee Collective

Filip Åkerblom

Roast Master at Scandinavian Coffee Consulting

Anja Rahn

PH.D. at Zürich University of Applied Sciences

Nathalie Sieczkowski

R&D Manager at Lallemand

Kaya Carretta

Lab Manager at Nordic Approach

Marianela Montero Cordero

Country Manager at Tropiq

Morten Münchow

Founder of CoffeeMind

Monika Palova

Roastery Manager at 3FE Coffee

Chris Hallien

Product Manager Cropster Roast | Cropster Lab at Cropster

Anne Cooper

Coffee Roasting Consultant at Equilibrium Master Roasters

Lauro Fioretti

Product Manager at Simonelli group Spa