Speakers and Instructors

Key Note Speakers

Morten Münchow.png

Morten Münchow


Morten Münchow has been a professional coffee roaster since 2005, has been running several research projects and Department of Food Science in Copenhagen since 2004 and since 2007 has been consulting startups and established roasteries worldwide. Morten is lead creator of the SCA Roasting Certification system and has been working hard to connect research and education ever since it's inception in 2013 to make sure the SCA and general community works on evidence based facts rather than assumptions and other gossip.

Jean-Xavier Guinard.png

Jean-Xavier Guinard

Professor of Sensory Science
UC Davis

Dmitrii Borodai.png

Dmitrii Borodai

The Welder Catherine

Dmitrii has been achieved first place in the Russian Coffee Championships seven times. In 2016 he was awarded 2nd place in the World Coffee Roasting Championships.
Dimitrii's other professional achievements include being a green buyer attending more than 30 buying trips to origin with a focus and specialism in fermentation development. You can now find Dimitrii running his own business called Coffee Roasting Company – a roaster, cafe and server of RTD coffee in aluminium cans!

Stephen Houston

Head Roaster
Bailies Coffee Roasters

Stephen is the Head roaster for Bailies Coffee Roasters, Northern Ireland, he has been roasting for 5 years on Probat roasters from 5kg to 120kg and is Irish brewers cup champion 2017+2019. He is also on the Online marketing & Comms committee of the CRG. Being involved with the CRG he really enjoys the community that we are building a looks forward to continue the engagement with the world wide roasting community.

Filip Bartelek.png

Filip Bartelak

CRG Second Vice Chair, Chair of Research and Education Committee
Coffee Grange

Filip is a Q Instructor, Certified Arabica and Robusta Q Grader and SCAA Certified Lead Instructor. He is also WCE certified judge actively judging national and world competitions.
Officer at CRG where he is leading Research and Education Committee. Member and judge for Cup of Excellence.
Since 1999 works as a sensory expert and R&D supervisor at Consonni (multi brand, Slow Food recommended producer of high value added pastries, cakes, ice cream, breads and coffee). He also is company's green coffee buyer and roast master for brands belonging to Consonni: Coffee Grange and Cavallo. As a coffee consultant he opened and helped to grow many of European Specialty coffee brands.


Lauro Fioretti


Lauro Fioretti has been involved in espresso coffee machines from 20 years. He started in after sales service dept doing a deep experience on the field for several years.
Actually he's the responsible of Simonelli Group education center , and coordinator of the project team.
He started supporting WBC in 2006 and he's is a certified judge from 2010.
He is an SCAE authorized trainer, member of barista's creator team, member of WCE educational committee, CQI Qassistant.
He has been travelling in over 75 countries trying to create and promote the coffee industry around the world.
He has a lot of friends in the barista coffee community and you can find him in many coffee events.

Samo Smrke.png

Samo Smrke

Scientific Associate
Zurich University of Applied Sciences

Samo Smrke is a scientific associate at Zurich University of Applied Sciences under the the direction of Professor Chahan Yeretzian. He is involved in research projects in collaboration with industry partners and in fundamental research on various topics of coffee chemistry, research of coffee aroma using mass spectrometry, on-line monitoring coffee roasting processes, linking instrumental analysis of coffee aroma to sensory analysis, studying coffee freshness and degassing of coffee. Samo is actively participating at coffee and science conferences, is one of the co-authors of the SCA Freshness Handbook and Water Handbook, and has contributed to scientific papers and book chapters about coffee science.

Filip Åkerblom.png

Filip Åkerblom

Roast Consultant
Scandinavian Coffee Consulting

Coffee Roaster from Malmö Sweden
Established Coffee Roaster since 2004
Founder of SCAE CDS Coffee Diploma Roasting Module
Co Founder of World Championship in Coffee Roasting
Co Chair Event Committee CRG

Fabiana Carvalho.png

Fabiana Carvalho

Postdoctoral Researcher
University of Campinas, Brazil

Fabiana Carvalho is a Brazilian neuroscientist who has received her MSc in Biochemistry (Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil) and her PhD in Psychobiology (University of Sao Paulo, Brazil, and University of Glasgow, UK) investigating neural processes of memory, sensation, and perception. She has also worked as a postdoctoral researcher at the King’s College London, UK, studying the interplay between genes and environment in shaping cognition and emotion.

She is currently a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Campinas, Brazil. Her research project “The Coffee Sensorium” is focused on understanding multisensory flavour perception. She is interested in scrutinizing the influence of extrinsic factors (that is, ambiance factors) on the expectation and perception of flavour in specialty coffee. This research project has been conducted under the supervision of Prof Charles Spence at University of Oxford, UK.

Francisco Velazquez.png

Francisco Velazquez

Co-founder and R&D Director
C O M A (coffee, metrics & analytics)

Francisco is a team manager of a bio analytics and spectroscopy unit within the group of Prof. Dr. Peter Hildebrandt at the Technische Universiät Berlin. He is also an experienced bio-data and machine learning scientist. For more than three years he has been working in understanding structure and degradation mechanisms in coffee and coffee by-products. As co-founder of COMA, he has developed a scientific and technological approach for preventing aroma and flavour ageing as well as building up and fostering the spinoff international network (specialty-coffee farmers, scientists, exporters, importers, traders, roasters and coffee shops).

Talor Browne.png

Talor Browne

CEO & Founder

Talor Browne is a 20 year specialty coffee veteran having been integral to coffee communities in Melbourne, Paris and Oslo. Former head roaster of Tim Wendelboe, founder of Talor&Jørgen and now Talormade, her goal is to make good coffee accessible and fun to different sectors of the market that would not identify as specialty coffee consumers.

Joanna Alm.png

Joanna Alm

Part-owner and Managing Director
Drop Coffee

Joanna Alm is running the award-winning roastery and café Drop Coffee, based in Stockholm. Joanna is the 2018 Swedish Roasting Champion. She has represented Sweden in World Coffee Roasting Championship three times before, placing 2nd, 3rd and 4th. Joanna is also apart of the Coffee Roasters Guild AC and Sustainability AC. At Drop Coffee, Joanna is visiting all of the producers the company are buying coffee from worldwide, with focus quality and sustainability throughs longterm relationships and individual projects. In 2018 Drop Coffee moved their roastery in Stockholm and built up a new production space for their Turquoise Diedrich IR25.

Rafael (Raf) Mlodzianowski.png

Rafael (Raf) Mlodzianowski

Raf Makes Coffee Consulting and Raf & Co.

For around four years I have been running Raf Makes Coffee Consulting. Originally the aim was to provide education and support to cafes however this evolved into working full time as an AST and consulting with coffee importers and coffee roasters.
Most of my clients have been start ups (one recent roaster within three months has almost reached maximum output from their 2kg roaster and is now seeking investment to expand). I like to work with the industry outsiders with a passion for doing things the best way rather than the cheapest way.

And in March I started the next chapter, Raf & Co. The idea behind this is to focus on working with others. I am building teams to work with so that we can provide more options and support.

It can be said that my ethos is to support companies and people i believe in. This has been an on going thing with certain people receiving an informal scholarship from me to help them gain confidence and often getting a great new job following. And also working with some coffee farmers to help them understand their products as well as working with them on sales strategies.


Kaya Carretta

Quality & Lab Manager at Nordic Approach HQ, Oslo
Nordic Approach

Kaya began working with coffee in September 2012 as a barista in Solberg & Hansen’s concept store in Oslo. After two years as a barista and assistant shop manager,

she started roasting coffee for Solberg & Hansen, before moving to Nordic Approach where she now is Quality & Lab Manager at Nordic Approach HQ, Oslo.

At Nordic Approach she is responsible for running the lab, QC and plants.
She is a certified Q Grader and was so lucky to be a part of Cup of Excellence in Costa Rica a few years back.

In addition to her everyday job at Nordic Approach, she is an eager spokeswoman & participant in coffee, giving lectures on roasting, processing and how we can become better cuppers.


Diana Johnston Ledezma

Head of Quality
DR Wakefield

Diana’s connection to coffee began at a young age, having spent her childhood visiting her grandfather who was a coffee farmer in Mexico. Her first job in coffee was during high school as a Barista for Starbucks and it was here her interest in coffee grew, particularly from a sensory perspective. While at University she continued working in coffee, eventually becoming a company trainer for Peet’s Coffee and Tea in Berkeley, California. Now with 15 years of experience in the industry working across various parts of the business from quality control to roastery to green, she is a regular on the coffee competition scene. 2017 saw her compete in 10 competitions including all UK SCA comps as well as Coffee Masters, Aeropress and more. This year she won the 2019 UK Coffee Roasting Championship an will represent the UK in Taiwan in November at the 2019 World Coffee Roasting Championship. Certified as AST in both Green Coffee and Sensory, Diana is the Head of Quality for DRWakefield, a green importer based in London.


Ainhoa Oyanguren

Customer Relations Specialist, Europe
Swiss Water

Graduated in Gastronomy and Culinary Arts, I learnt that the most important of a product is the origin and how you manipulate. My journey in coffee started 1.5 years ago in Swiss Water as an Food Sensory Evaluation Intern. Before jumping into coffee I was an intern in artisan bakeries. My hobbies are baking sourdough bread, drinking filter based coffees and sports. So I am already looking forward to have time to run outdoors, admiring Annecy’s Mountains.


Emmanuel Dias

VP Europe
Swiss Water

Emmanuel with over 15 years of experience in the coffee trade as our VP Europe. Based in Bordeaux, France, Emmanuel leads the European office and provides key market strategy and support to our European distributors as the Swiss Water brand continues to grow across international markets. Emmanuel brings with him a background in coffee and cacao trade management, including roles with COFCO International (formerly Noble Agri) and Touton SA. His academic background includes postgraduate specialties in Economics, Banking, Finance, and International Trading from the University of Bordeaux. Emmanuel’s preferred coffee drink is a double espresso, and his interests include spending time with his family and many pets, playing guitar, and learning more about the blue economy.


David Myers

David Myers has been roasting coffee for the past 13 years and has taught widely at SCA events for the past 10 years. David served on the Roaster’s Guild Executive Council (USA) prior to joining the Coffee Roasters Guild Advisory Council focusing on Membership and US based events.


Veronika Keckesova

Quality Manager at algrano

After 7 years behind coffee bar(s) and mingling between different career paths and different countries finally landed in Zurich, Switzerland as a quality manager at algrano. Slowly retiring membership coordinator of SCA Slovakia, graduate of MAME, and freshly licensed Q Arabica grader, constantly being surprised, challenged and fascinated by coffee world.


Kim Harrison,

Product Manager at Sinar Technology

I’m based in the UK and I have worked for Sinar Technology for 5 and a half years.

During this time, I have developed a passion for coffee and the community.

My experience started with an interest in good QC practices and has been built over the years sharing knowledge and providing equipment all over the world.