Peter N. Dupont
CEO & Sourcing at The Coffee Collective

Peter N. Dupont started his coffee career as barista in Norway in 1998. He was later partnering with the Danish coffee company Estate Coffee to open one of the first coffee shops in Copenhagen in 2000 and later their micro roastery. In 2005 he finished his M.Sc. in International Development studies and Ecology. In 2007 he co-founded The Coffee Collective to try and push the Danish coffee industry further forward towards better quality in a way that includes the farmers in the value addition of their product. Peter has since the beginning been responsible for TCC’s sourcing and was also head roaster the first many years. Lately he has been in the board of Alliance for Coffee Excellence and is currently participating in the Transparent Trade Coffee network.

Beyond Direct Trade
The term 'Direct Trade' has been widely used to promote and describe quality specialty coffee, but The Coffee Collective were the first in Denmark to publicly use the term in 2007. In this talk, Peter Dupont will explain what values drove the use of 'Direct Trade' at that time, and what perspectives it has today since it became a global buzz word in specialty coffee. He will go on to explore whether transparency can be a tool to promote the positive contributions from Direct Trade and other initiatives aiming at improving the coffee market for the benefit of the farmers.