Become a Partner of Coffee Roasters Guild Camp

Support the community and highlight your brand to a key audience of coffee roasters!

Coffee Roasters Guild Camp offers the ideal platform to promote your brand to roasters and the intimate setting of Camp will allow partners to easily engage and build strong connections with attendees!

More reasons to partner

Hands on learning: CRGC offers a cutting-edge education program to roasters at all levels in their professional development, including hands-on roasting workshops, sensory science and cuppings, handy business tools, group seminars and skill-testing challenges. Our partners support the sharing of knowledge by providing tools and equipment to practice on and make this hands-on experience possible.

Lead through empowerment, innovation and best practice: CRGC will focus on empowering and engaging the roasting community. We believe that the essential role roasters play in the coffee supply chain from producer to retailer should be cherished and supported. By offering a space for roasters to grow and learn in a structured environment we are strengthening that connection and contributing to long-term sustainability within the industry. CRGC presents a place to share the latest innovation in equipment and roasting technology, as well as to discuss best practices and roasting standards. Your support shows your leadership position and commitment to adding value to the roasting community of Europe.

For more information on the opportunities available, get in touch with James Shepherd,