Morten Münchow
Founder of CoffeeMind

Morten Münchow is a scientist and philosopher who chose the coffee business to explore creativity, team dynamics, entrepreneurship, personal liberation, community and scientific methodology. He has developed training programs for coffee roasters since 2007 when he started teaching coffee roasting at London School of Coffee and lead creator of SCA's roasting certification system since 2013 and has conducted coffee research at Department of Food Science in Copenhagen with 5 published scientific papers. As the founder of CoffeeMind the effort to integrate business practices and scientific methodology has grown from a one-man band to a team of coffee lovers who are all passionate educators, consultants and scientist. From the struggles out of more than 10 years of effort to make an exotic company like this take shape Morten has reflected quite intensely on business startup processes simultaneously from CoffeeMind as well as CoffeeMind’s consultancy project helping other specialty coffee companies express their passion through a company which makes him a valued consultant and speaker on this subject as well.


Hands-on Roasting: Roasting and Sensory Perceptions
Sensory modulations of roast profiling has been a common practice amongst roasters for a long time. In this workshop, Morten Münchow from CoffeeMind will talk about this topic based on the extensive research he has done on over the years and instruct the students how to experiment with these modulations.