Monika Palova
Roastery manager at 3FE Coffee

Monika Palova is the Roastery Manager at 3fe Coffee in Dublin where she is responsible for everything from roast profiles and quality control, to fixing label printers. She began working in coffee over a decade ago but it wasn’t until she began to learn more about specialty coffee that she made it her career choice.
In 2011, after working at 3fe for just couple of months, Colin Harmon - the 3fe owner - convinced her to compete in the National Barista Championships in her native Slovakia - which she ended up winning - both that year, and the year after that.
To continue advancing, she moved from the coffee bar to the brand new 3fe Roastery in 2014, and began to acquire the craft and magic of bean-browning. She spent time with the amazing Has Bean crew - who had helped to set-up the 3fe Roastery - and who were the benchmark and heart of 3fe’s chosen style of roasting.
Monika’s background is in science which always makes her want to experiment and improve her roasting practices. She believes the real magic happens on the farms, and ‘’we as roasters should always aspire to do the coffee and producers justice’’.

Roasting Essentials: Sweetness
Sweetness is probably the most desired basic quality in coffee, and one of the main indicators of cherry ripeness and great processing, as well as good roasting and brewing practices. In this lecture, Monika will talk about where the sweet taste in coffee comes from, what the contributing factors are, and how we as roasters can influence the levels of sweetness in the beans. She will look at all the main sugars that can be found in coffee beans, and the main chemical and physical reactions that occur during roasting which enable sugar development. Attendees will also get to taste some freshly brewed coffees with different levels and types of sweetness. They’ll get to compare these coffees to try and recognise what factors played a role in the overall sweetness in the cup.

This session is lead by and supports #shestheroaster, an organisation that promotes and encourages self-identifying women in the coffee industry to become professional coffee roasters.