Marianela Montero Cordero
Country Manager at Tropiq

Marianela, also fondly known as Nela, comes from a coffee producing family in the Tarrazu region of Costa Rica.
She graduated from the National University of Costa Rica studying International Business and Trade School in 2014, and have also studied abroad in Germany. She explored coffee markets through research and then decided to travel different markets for almost two years to learn about the coffee consuming side of the industry.
In August of 2015, Marianela came back to Costa Rica to begin a new trade project with producers, buyers and roasters. The entire project’s model is built on transparency and sustainability. The goal is to implement these two core values across every member in the coffee supply chain. Marianela’s main role in this project is to act as the facilitator between producers and buyers. Along the way, she aims to go educate local micro-mill producers on how they can band together to improve their coffee quality, negotiating skills, learn their coffee’s value in the market, and become better managers in their mills. Marianela is also aiding her family business in improving their coffee operations to be more competitive in the market.
Today Marianela works for Tropiq and Nordic Approach in Central America looking for unique green coffee, where she is able among many things to do one of her favorite things: cupping and tasting coffees.

Managing a Coffee Lab at Origin
During this talk, Marianela will share her insight on managing a coffee lab at origin, that makes the export of micro lots possible. You will learn about the procedure in the lab to ensure the quality, and the different challenges a lab manager faces when dealing with not only importers/buyers but also with producers. We will end this session with a panel discussion including all our green coffee partners.