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Lauro Fioretti
Product Manager at Simonelli group Spa

Lauro Fioretti is involved in the coffee industry for 21 years.
After graduation as Electronic Engineer at the University of Ancona he started his career in the coffee industry in 1995 as technical engineer in the technicalservice department of Nuova Simonelli.
His passion for coffee has been further nourished by extensive experience in the field, ongoing training and certification, he is an Authorised SCAE Trainer and Certifier for nearly all modules of the Coffee Diploma.
First becoming a WBC Certified judge in 2006, this was followed by certifying for all other WCE Championships and later qualifying as World Coffee Events representative.
Lauro is also member of SCA Advisory Board Research Committee and Q assistant in CQI program.
He is leading Simonelli Group Academy and coordinating their Project Development team.
His career has brought him to over 75 countries creating awareness for and promoting specialty coffee around the world.
He is very well known in the barista community, not just for his strong skills, but also for his human approach and support to all members.

Adapting your Roast to the Brewing Method
In this session, we'll explore the interaction between the roast profile and the brewing method. Lauro Fioretti will take a closer look at how different type of roasting profiles can influence different espresso profiles and extractions. Based on competition results, Alexander will further explore how roast profiles can (and should?) be adapted to different brewing methods, and which factors to consider to optimise flavour.