Kaya Carretta
Lab Manager at Nordic Approach

Kaya joined the company in 2015.
She is managing the lab, meaning all samples in and out, roasting, cupping as well as managing systems, such as Cropster lab for samples and product registration.

Kaya is also involved with quality control, logistics, marketing, purchasing and sales.
Basically being the potato of Nordic Approach.
Or Jack of all trades, if you like.
Kaya began working with coffee in September 2012 as a barista at Solberg & Hansen’s concept store in Oslo. After two years as a barista she started roasting coffee for the same company, before moving to Nordic Approach where she is now is managing the lab.

Hands-on Roasting: Influence of Green Coffee Processing
Honeys, semi-washed or whatever you find natural to call your self <3 In this hands-on workshop, Kaya Carretta and Alexandru Nicolae will deep-dive into the world of processing, breaking down terms and definitions, talking about pitfalls, and teaching how processing influences your roast profiles.