Filip Bartelak
Sensory supervisor and green coffee buyer at Coffee Grange

Filip Bartelak works at Consonni - multi brand specialty food producer where he's main responsibility is coffee - sourcing and roasting for Coffee Grange. He supervises also sensory profiles for other products being produced at Consonni - pastries, breads, chocolates, ice cream and more... Filip's profesional development took him to be certified and acting as a WCE judge and Q assistant instructor with both Q Arabika and Robusta in portfolio. He also serves as a co-chair of Education and Research Committee at Coffee Roasters Guild.
In a free time he rides his heavy enduro motorcycle through deserts and offroads of Europe but always at breaks he is the one who brews coffee for his fellow riders ;-)

Comprehensive Sample Roasting
The Comprehensive Sample Roasting course is designed for coffee professionals throughout the supply chain to learn and practice the skills of sample roasting for evaluation. This class helps students with the process of creating a consistent sample roasting program, including checking green grade, recording green and roast data, storing samples, making conscious buying decisions, having a roasting log and maintaining equipment. Although the course focuses primarily on sample roasting for the purposes of evaluation, we will also address sample roasting to aide product development, sales efforts and business development. All students will receive hands-on time and instruction at lab or event sample roaster(s).