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Fabiana Carvalho
Doctor at University of Sao Paulo - Brazil

Fabiana Carvalho is a Brazilian neuroscientist who received her MSc in Biochemistry and her PhD in Psychobiology investigating neural processes of memory, sensation, and perception. She has also worked as a postdoctoral researcher at the King’s College London, UK studying the interplay between genes and environment in shaping cognition and emotion.
She is currently a postdoc at the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil. Her research project is focused on understanding perception as an anticipatory and constructive process instead of a mere passive and reactive process. Last year, ‘specialty coffee’ became an object of study of her project in the context of multisensory flavour perception. She is interested in scrutinizing the influence of extrinsic factors (i.e., ambiance factors) on the expectation and perception of flavour in specialty coffee. This research project has been conducted under the supervision of Prof Charles Spence at University of Oxford, UK.

Multisensory Flavour Perception in Specialty Coffee
Fabiana Carvalho’s talk will introduce the topic of multisensory flavour perception, show the well-known associations between senses (cross-modality) and how it affects perception of flavour in food and beverages, and present her findings in specialty coffee. Interesting in diving deeper into this topic? Choose Fabiana's workshop that will explore multisensory flavour perception in specialty coffee through interesting cupping sessions and experiments.

Multisensory Flavour Perception in Specialty Coffee Workshop
The aim of the multisensory flavour perception workshop is to demonstrate the concept of crossmodality (i.e., interactions amongst the senses of vision, audition, touch, smell, and taste) applied to specialty coffee. Dr Carvalho will conduct practical exercises with the attendees to illustrate the interference of the information captured by one sensory modality over the perception of the stimuli presented in another sensory modality. Stimuli such as shapes, colours, sounds, and textures will be used during cupping or tasting of specialty coffees with different flavour profiles, as well as organic acids solutions, to illustrate crossmodal effects.