David Myers
Chief Coffee Officer at Mighty Good Coffee Roasting Co.

David has been working in coffee for the past 13 years, roasting and building a cafe and wholesale business in Ann Arbor, MI. He started volunteering as an SCAA Educator early in his career, a path he encourages his staff to pursue. David has instructed at several SCA Expos, Retreats and Barista Camps in the US, and has served on the SCAA Education and Membership committees as well as the Roasters Guild Executive Council, currently serving as Membership Chair of the CRG and on the SCA Membership AC. When not roasting, drinking or serving coffee, you can usually find David in the slow lane at the nearest swimming pool.

Fundamentals of Green Coffee Buying
A purposeful green-coffee-buying strategy is key to the success of every coffee roasting business. This workshop will introduce participants to the fundamentals of effective green purchasing. Students will learn standard industry terms for how coffee is bought, traded and transported; setting the stage for successful relationships with green coffee suppliers and logistics providers. Participants will also discuss other key factors in a green-buying program including values statements, forecasting and cash flow management. In addition to an interactive lecture, students will work in small groups with green coffee professionals in a variety of activities.