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Chris Hallien
Product Manager Cropster Roast | Cropster Lab

Chris is an experienced coffee professional with a diverse, cross-functional background in the industry. He’s worked with a wide range of coffee products and broad spectrum of coffee quality within variety of environments. Chris has occupied positions as Green Coffee Buyer, Quality Lab Manager, R&D Coffee Scientist, Director of Roasting and Director of Coffee within industry-leading coffee companies, both large and small.
Chris is a licensed C-Grader, licensed Q-Grader, Certified Food Scientist and holds a certificate in Sensory Science from UC Davis. He has served on Cup of Excellence juries, as a volunteer in CQI Coffee Corps projects and has been involved in NCA, ASIC, SCA and Coffee Roasters Guild activities as presenter- trainer for much of his career.

Turning Insight into Action: Applications of Data Collection and Analysis in Coffee Roasting
This presentation is intended for coffee professionals of all types and backgrounds. With specific emphasis on the coffee buying, sample preparation and evaluation, and roasting processes, we will explore topics covering the coffee supply chain from farm to consumer and discuss key elements of data collection and analysis. Participants will learn how to turn insight into action to create efficiencies in workflow, improve the quality and consistency of their products and make better decisions with less effort.