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Anne Cooper
Coffee Roasting Consultant at Equilibrium Master Roasters

With over 25 yrs working in the Coffee Industry, Anne is an Australian Roaster who has gained extensive experience in many areas of the coffee industry as Barista, Café Owner/Manager, National Barista Trainer & Assessor, Head Roaster/Roasting Production Manager at both a National & International level.

A certified Q Grader, Anne regularly attends, volunteers, competes in & judges Regional, National & International Barista, Brewers, Cup Tasting & Roasting competitions in Australia, USA & Brazil.
With her consulting company, Equilibrium Master Roasters, Anne continues to develop her extensive roasting skills & knowledge with exposure to a wide range of roasting companies & machines (from large Commercial roasters to small Specialty roasters), various roasting techniques & industry relevant processes & protocols - skills & knowledge she is really passionate about passing on to the next generation of CRG Flame Keepers!

Hands-on Roasting: Can You Taste the Roasting System?
As roasters we often forget we are in the Business of Flavor. Whether you’re new to roasting, on the hunt for a new roasting machine or an experienced roaster genuinely curious about other roasting machines, this workshop is designed to give roasters the opportunity to explore and better understand matching flavors between the various roasting systems currently available in the industry. Through lecture, hands-on roasting exercises and cupping analysis, attendees will be able to formulate their own opinion on the potential differences/similarities between roasting systems and profiles via flavor analysis. Is it the system or the profile that influences flavor?